Premium Sailboat Deck Cover for the Laser Dinghy - Tailored, Waterproof, Breathable Boat Cover - Dark Grey (960G)

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Color: Grey

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Will this item fit other sailboats?
We design and manufacture completely custom fit products. Our covers will only fit the model they are specified for.

Outdoor weather protection
All our outdoor covers are waterproof, however we use different materials depending on the specific cover you choose to purchase. An outdoor cover offers various degrees of weather protection from dust, dirt, UV rays, rain, snow, and even light hail, please see the individual listing description for more information.

Folding and storing your cover
If you fold your cover methodically, and in a tidy fashion, the cover if much easier to reinstall the next time. The cover should be dried out before being stored in the storage bag for more than a day or so, to prevent the build up of mold if the cover is folded when wet.

Can I use my cover when it’s windy?
Our covers provide a snug fit on your sailboat, and are provided with underbody straps, so they will stay put under normal wind conditions. Like any fabric, a sailboat cover is susceptible to the wind. Storm and wind damage is not covered by our warranty.

Can I use my cover while towing?
We do not recommend using a cover on a towed vehicle or an open trailer.

Moisture built-up under your cover
Some of our covers use breathable material and some do not, so please see the individual listing description for more details on the specific product. Even with breathable material, in order for moisture to evaporate through the material there must be a temperature differential between the underside and topside of the cover. If there is no differential, this can cause moisture underneath the cover to become trapped if the cover is not removed on a regular basis to allow the sailboat and cover to "air out".  

Product warranty
All our products come with a 6 month warranty against manufacturer defects. Should you notice a manufacturing fault, please contact us immediately to arrange a return / replacement. Usage of our covers is at the sole risk and discretion of the user. North American Custom Covers is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use or misuse of our covers.

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Jennifer G

Great quality, excellent service, and quick shipping!

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