Custom-fit Front Seat Cover Set for the Ford Transit Connect Generation 2 - 2013 onwards (442)

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Will our products fit other vehicles?
We design and manufacture completely custom fit products. Our covers will only fit the model they are specified for.

What are our seat covers made from?
Our seat covers are made from commercial grade 600 denier material, and are cotton backed for comfort. This material is very durable.

Are our seat covers waterproof?
Yes, all our seat covers are waterproof.

Can I install seat covers over side impact airbags?
The majority of our newer custom fit seat covers are specially designed for cars and SUVs that are now fitted with side impact airbags. Please see the individual product descriptions to double-check if this this feature is available. Do not install seat covers without the side impact compatibility on seats fitted with side impact airbags.

Are our seat covers difficult to install?
Installation is relatively straight forward, but can take 20-30 minutes the first time around, depending on the model purchased. Front seat covers are easier to install than rear seat covers since the seats are more accessible from both sides.

Can I use dark-coloured seat covers on light-coloured material or leather seats?
Yes you can. As a precaution we recommend you check the seats periodically for the first couple of weeks, or after a spill, to make sure there is no colour transfer onto the seats themselves. Any type of transfer can be cleaned using warm water and an appropriate cleaner.

What's the difference between a custom seat cover and a universal seat cover?
All our seat covers are completely custom-fit, and will fit perfectly over the factory installed seats on the specific make, model and year of vehicle they are designed for. In contrast universal seat covers will fit a range of vehicles and will not provide a snug fit, therefore we do not sell these sort of covers.

Product warranty
All our products come with a 6 month warranty against manufacturer defects. Should you notice a manufacturing fault, please contact us immediately to arrange a return / replacement. Usage of our covers is at the sole risk and discretion of the user. North American Custom Covers is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use or misuse of our covers.

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