Screen Wrap Frost Cover for Ford Transit Van Mk7 - BLACK - Generation 3 Facelift version - 2006 to 2014 (370B)

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Will this item fit other vehicles?
We design and manufacture completely custom fit products. Our covers will only fit the model they are specified for.

Folding and storing your cover
If you fold your cover methodically, and in a tidy fashion, the cover is much easier to reinstall the next time. The cover should be dried out before being stored in the storage bag for more than a day or so, to prevent the build up of mold if the cover is folded when wet. We supply a high quality storage bag with all of our screen wrap solutions. It is small enough, when packed, to be stored in your vehicle’s glove box.

Are our covers a total blackout solution?
Our screen wraps are made from blackout material that is a tightly woven fabric, with a thin liner sewn on to the interior of the cover, to completely block out unwanted daylight.

Can I use my screen wrap for frost protection?
Yes, this is a popular product feature. All of our screen wrap solutions are designed to protect your windscreen from frost build up.

How do I fit the screen wrap solution?
We have prepared a fitting guide, which can be viewed in our installation section on individual product pages.

What material are our screen wrap solutions made from?
All our screen wrap solutions are made from high quality 600 denier canvas. It is an extremely durable, heavy-duty material, that is all-weather proof.

Are our screen wraps waterproof?
All our screen wrap products are waterproof. Should the screen wrap become damp or wet, it is important to ensure it is dry prior to packing into the storage bag.

Can our screen wrap be easily stolen from my vehicle?
Our screen wrap products have envelope style side panels. These are designed to hook over the vehicle door frame. This means the only way to remove the cover is to open the vehicle doors. Please ensure your vehicle is locked once the cover is fitted to ensure it can’t be easily stolen.

Can I use my cover when it’s windy?
Our screen wraps include integrated velcro securing tabs that fit around the vehicle wing mirrors and envelope-design side panels that fit over the vehicle's door frame, and are trapped into the doors once they are closed. We also recommend the vehicles wiper blades be carefully rested on top of the cover. By installing correctly, our screen wraps provide a snug fit on your windscreen and side door windows, and will be secure, even in moderately high winds. However, like any fabric, a cover is susceptible to the wind. Storm and wind damage is not covered by our warranty.

Product warranty
All our products come with a 6 month warranty against manufacturer defects. Should you notice a manufacturing fault, please contact us immediately to arrange a return / replacement. Usage of our covers is at the sole risk and discretion of the user. North American Custom Covers is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use or misuse of our covers.

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